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Preparing for an audit


A previous Quality Q & A newsletter article featured tips for audit preparation.   In the reprinted content below, Pro QC’s Supplier Development Manager discusses how each party can expedite the process.   Preparation for a factory audit can be broken down by responsibilities of the client, supplier (factory) and third party (Pro QC). Communication and …

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Managing quality in long distance supply chains

Michael L. Hetzel, Pro QC’s VP/Americas, partnered with GlobalAutoIndustry earlier today to share some insight and recommendations regarding managing quality in long distance supply chains. The seminar, which was hosted by GlobalAutoIndustry.com, touched on a wide range of quality challenges unique to those engaged in international procurement.  Michael reviews the cost issues and various considerations for …

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Interview w/ Michael L. Hetzel, VP/Americas

Michael L. Hetzel, Pro QC’s VP/Americas, recently conducted a brief interview discussing our services, 3PQ and the benefits and value we offer our clients. Don’t compromise quality with outsourced manufacturing… Check it out here: Michael L. Hetzel Interview