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Top 5 – Quality Resources that Educate & Inspire

We’ve given some thought to quality resources we find particularly useful and that both educate and inspire…  Here are our top five:

American Society for Quality > Quality Tools

  • ASQ offers comprehensive content relating to various quality tools, conveniently organized by function.  You’ll find everything from histograms to stratification.  Regularly browsing through the tools is a great way to get inspiration for data analysis or better understand an existing collection.  The Knowledge Center is invaluable!

Chartered Quality Institute > Knowledge Hub

Lean Enterprise Institute > Webinars

  • LEI’s website offers a great deal of content relating to all things lean… They proclaim to try and answer the simple question of every manager, which is “What can I do on Monday morning to make a difference in my organization?”

Khan Academy 

  • This site has an amazing collection of videos… over 3000 in fact! While topics range from science to humanities, the math videos relating to statistics and probability are particularly helpful for those in the quality industry.

The Quality Toolbox

  • This is the one quality book you can’t do without.  It’s everything you need… and more.

And, we’ll add one extra invaluable resource to the mix…

Pro QC International > Quality Resources

  • We’ve tried to organize  resources accessible directly from our site.  We’ve incorporated quality terms, sampling and defect classification information and more. We are also working on a collection of educational videos addressing the most common questions we receive.

ASQ adds more Influential Voices to spread the word

I’m happy to announce that I’ll continue as an ASQ Influential Voice throughout 2012! It’s been a rewarding experience exploring various quality topics and considering the various perspectives.  Aside from adding value through the sharing of knowledge, there is no doubt our actions as a group are making a difference and getting others to talk about the importance of quality.

ASQ will be announcing the newest Influential Voices contributors shortly, and I am looking forward to their participation.

Check out Paul Borawski’s blog (CEO, ASQ).  There’s a blogroll listed that includes everyone involved in the initiative.

Spread the word…

Remembering ASQ’s World Conference on Quality & Improvement

The American Society for Quality posted this to Facebook today, and I couldn’t help but reminisce my own experience at the show earlier this year.  More information from my time at the conference is noted in my blog.  The passion ASQ members have for their industries and quality in general was inspiring, and it makes me very proud to participate as a global voice for quality.  I’m hoping to see everyone again in Anaheim next year!


Raising the Voice of Quality: A 5W2H Approach

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of attending and presenting at the local ASQ Section 1508 meeting over in St. Petersburg, Florida.   I had originally planned to discuss a prior article relating to quality misconceptions but later shifted the topic over to “Raising the Voice of Quality.” After attending the World Quality Conference in May, I was excited and ready to spread the word. I took a 5W2H approach that was well received.  It really was wonderful to reconnect with people that I haven’t seen in years… And, it was also a great opportunity to meet several new passionate quality professionals that live in the area.  Good stuff!

The information I presented ties in with the latest Feature Article we issued through the quarterly newsletter earlier this month.  The full presentation from last night’s meeting can be downloaded here: VoiceOfQuality_5W2H

“If, as Dr. Juran foretold, the 21st Century is to be the century of quality, it’s high time the quality community raises its voice, to bring more attention to what it knows about the quality concepts, techniques, and tools to make the world a better place.”   ~Paul Borawski (www.asq.org/blog)

In 5 words or less, describe what you do…

I posted this inquiry to the ASQ LinkedIn Group some time ago and have seen an overwhelming number of responses from a variety of industry perspectives… Over 450 as of right now! Some of my favorite posts so far include:

  • “Extend and improve lives”
  • “Plan, measure, analysis, approve, repeat”
  • “Stop bad things from happening”
  • “Create joy through quality”
  • “Building bridges between quality and leadership”

I’ve enjoyed the responses in this discussion so much that I reached out to a few people on the Pro QC team in the US and Taiwan to see how they would respond. It’s no surprise that their responses mirror that of the organization very nicely… We really do have a passionate group of quality professionals!

Michael L. Hetzel (VP/Americas, USA) – “Reduce global supply chain risks”

Jeffrey Moellering (Sales & Marketing Director, USA) – “Drive complete customer success”

Nancy Barroso (Account Manager, USA & Mexico) – “Reduce risk and cost”

Weiwei Lin (Regional Operations Manager, USA) – “Your QC partner”

Fernando Rodriguez (Account Manager, Taiwan) – “Manage client accounts at Pro QC”

Russ McClay (IT Manager, Taiwan) – “Direct the Pro QC IT team”

Joanne Tseng (Office Manager, Taiwan) – “Providing best cooperation and cooperation”

Bruno Singier (Sales & Marketing Director Europe, Middle East/Africa & Asia, Taiwan) – “Business development for Pro QC”

I’ve found LinkedIn to be an excellent resource for discussion within the quality community.  Join us in the Pro QC International group.  We frequently participate in many of the other quality related discussion groups as well, including ASQ’s.