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5 Reasons Packaging Integrity Matters

Packaging is considered to be both the presentation of products to consumers, as well as the configuration in which products will be expedited through various channels. The master carton or “pack” design includes the configuration in which product will be shipped through channels for end-user consumption, making it especially important where packaging integrity is concerned. Here’s …

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The Value of Quality – It Makes a Difference


Thank you to Quality Magazine for providing additional data to suggest investing in quality makes a difference. According to the information posted from the 14th Annual Spending Survey: 57% of those surveyed say the importance of quality is somewhat or much more important than the year before. Another 40% put it at about the same. …

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Your shipment is rejected, what now?


Receiving a failing inspection report is never a happy occasion   Shipment delays, rework costs, etc. all create tension among all parties involved.  But, put into perspective, the end result can be positive.   When you see the “reject” status on the report, stay calm.  Attack the problem with three questions: Why did it fail? Review the report …

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Inspecting textiles & garments

In our latest newsletter, we’re talking about inspecting textiles and garments and the specialized expertise required for this industry. Unlike wood, metal and other materials, textiles and garments have unique variables that may result in unexpected issues throughout manufacturing and during the final inspection. As one of Pro QC’s textile inspectors noted, “it’s an art of …

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Which AQL do you choose?

One of the most frequent questions we receive regarding on-site quality inspections relates to selecting AQLs, or Acceptable Quality Levels.  AQLs represent the maximum percent defective that you consider acceptable. Pro QC’s Assistant Operations Manager in China, Cesar Marsical, address the question below: The selection of AQLs and sampling plan for a given lot size …

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