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Pass the exam! Certification study tips…


We place significant value on industry certifications and actively look for engineers that have various quality related designations. I recently volunteered to assist others during a local ASQ certification exam study session and noted the following tips to help ensure success: Take the pre-test. Assess your strengths and weaknesses ASAP. Most certification exam study guides …

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Top 5 – Quality Resources that Educate & Inspire

We’ve given some thought to quality resources we find particularly useful and that both educate and inspire…  Here are our top five: American Society for Quality > Quality Tools ASQ offers comprehensive content relating to various quality tools, conveniently organized by function.  You’ll find everything from histograms to stratification.  Regularly browsing through the tools is …

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Ever wonder what happens during a product quality inspection?

Pro QC’s Shenzhen, China office provides an on-site demonstration of in-process and pre-shipment quality inspections. Comments and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated!  Our goal is to provide valuable content to those interested in learning more about quality related concepts and processes that we have over 20 years of experience providing.