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25 Quotes to Inspire Quality & Success


Some of our more popular newsletter and blog posts include quality quotes.  We’re always looking to add to our collection. The 15 quotes below are our most recent inspiration: “Be passionate about solving the problem, not proving your solution.” ~Nathan Furr “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” ~Napoleon Hill “A bad workman blames …

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Top 5: What we know to be true about success in quality

We’ve been following a recent discussion in ASQ’s LinkedIn Group talking about words of wisdom for those entering the quality field.  The majority of these posts have been quite positive and have us thinking about our own lessons learned over the years. With almost three decades of experience, here’s what we know to be true …

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Quality Quotes – Our Newsletter Collection (2007-2012)


Quality quotes are a popular topic, as we’ve seen in the ASQ LinkedIn Group and in feedback regarding our blog and newsletter.  As we issue quarterly newsletters, we include a “Quote of the Quarter.”  Here’s our comprehensive list of quotes, as noted in our newsletters going back to 2007. “Customers are the most important assets …

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To the quality gurus…


At the recent ASQ conference, there was a Quality Guru Quiz available that matched up your responses to a series of questions with which guru you aligned best with.  There were several life size versions of these guys where you could capture the moment with a quick photo opportunity.  I took the quiz and aligned …

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Can jet lag be avoided?


Attracting the attention of Pro QC’s Managing Director, Ed Sanchez, was an article relating to avoiding jet lag.  As a frequent flyer visiting our offices in over thirty countries, it is understandable why!  Also, many of our clients are well aware of jet lag too, frequently visiting factories or operations abroad. Jet lag (AKA desynchronosis) is described as “extreme …

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