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What we love about working in quality…

We reached out to our team and were curious to know what they liked about working in the quality industry.

Here’s what they had to say:

Ajay Pandey, Country Manager (India)

“It impacts the life of society”

Nancy Barroso, Account Manager for Latin America/ Project Coordinator/ BTM  (Mexico)

“I enjoy working in quality because it allows me to help ensure that our clients actually receive what they pay for, the quality in a product will speak of the client and we help make sure that it is always great. “

Bruno Singier, Sales & Marketing Director – Europe, Middle-East & Asia (Taiwan)

“I like working in quality because we highly participate in improving systems and products and we also participate in the presence of safe products on the market.”

Cynthia Liu, Business Team Manager (China)

“I like that we find issues and correct them before customers receive the products.”

Jancy Venkatesh, Office Coordinator (India) 

“It is being involving with different products/methods and there is something new there for everyday learning.”

Nick Chen, Technical Supervisor (China) 

“I moved my job from production to quality to make sure products are OK to use for customers and to make sure people see China as a quality producer.”

Thomas Kaiser, General Manager (Germany)

“I enjoy the day-to-day challenge for different services in different industries. There is no routine even manufacturer problems are repeating factory by factory. Finding solutions for each factory will always need an individual touch to support best their current / future structure and methods.”

Santiago Munoz, Testing Services (China)

“Making things better.”

Jennifer Stepniowski, Communications Director (United States) 

“I enjoy working in quality because it’s an industry where you can really make a difference… You can increase profitability for businesses and at the same time ensure products are safe and meet or exceed consumer expectations.  Considering quality incorporates social responsibility and sustainability, the industry allows for opportunities to make a difference in a broader scope as well.”


What do you love about quality? 


Our words of advice to manufacturers about ensuring quality…

downloadOver the past few months, I’ve reached out to our team asking them to share their advice to manufacturers regarding ensuring quality.  Our team’s responses are included here:

What words of advice would you give manufacturers about ensuring quality?

“Never stop improving your system, structure and process to stay competitive. Implement a continuous improvement process with regular slight adjustments and optimization rather than waiting for the day you need to take extreme measures. Finally you can’t inspect quality; the factory has to produce quality products. With our experience we can help them to get to this level and maintain it.” ~Thomas Kaiser (General Manager, Germany)

“Always make quality your priority, because good quality equals trust and that is something you don’t want to loose.” ~Nancy Barroso (Account Manager, Latin America)

“To manufacturers, I would explain that ensuring quality means clients’ satisfaction, high clients’ retention and more orders being placed to them.” ~Bruno Singier (Sales & Marketing Director, Europe, Middle-East & Asia)

“People at all levels of an organization are part of it, so they can be fully involved in achieving its quality process or system. Quality is a fulfillment of expectations.” ~Jancy Venkatesh  (Office Coordinator, India)

“First importance is the quality system and the people. Also, management must have a sense and commitment for quality.” ~Cynthia Liu (Business Team Manager, China)

“Manufacturers should have a formal quality management system and actively control every process in the system. Also, use quality tools for regular checks and improvements.” ~Nick Chen (Technical Supervisor, China)

“Deployment of quality reduces the cost. Driving quality means working on first time right.”  ~Ajay Pandey (Country Manager, India)

“Quality must be in the process and not just the final product. Good raw materials and good process gives you good quality.” ~Santiago Munoz (Testing, China)

What would you add? 

Leading Teams Effectively

1526430_840833672625817_5691307568455533697_nManaging teams is a core leadership subject within the CMQ/OE certification body of knowledge.  As a CMQ/OE and Education Chair of the local ASQ section in Tampa, Pro QC’s Communications Director recently instructed a webinar related to Leading Teams Effectively.  Similar training was also recently conducted for our team in China.  At Pro QC, we understand the benefits of effective teams as it relates to the delivery of value-added quality services that reduce our clients’ risks and cost.

With experience managing teams across 38 countries, our takeaways for managing effectively include:

The Right People – Selecting team members that have the right experience, skills and attitudes is critical.

Navigating Team Stages – Understand the five team development stages of forming, storming, norming and performing.  Leadership within each stage ensures smooth transitions and maximizes productivity throughout the process.

Approach to Problem Solving – Understand the team problem solving steps, but more specifically ensure that each team member is knowledgeable regarding quality tools that can be incorporated throughout the process. The Quality Toolbox is an invaluable resource here.

Build Mutual Trust & Respect – It is noted that over 33 million results appear when you type “team building” into Google.  Many of these include team building consulting or other related information.  Team building focuses on building mutual trust and respect that is required for teams to successfully meet goals and objectives.  Teampedia offers several ideas, but consistency and management support are key.

Staying Organized – Organization, including the development of a Team Charter, written agendas and clearly defined roles, is correlated with a team’s ability to meet goals and objectives.

Continuous Improvement – Periodic evaluation of team performance is necessary.  Evaluating whether or not the team is supportive, participative, organized, has adequate resources and clearly defined leadership supports continuous improvement and higher quality output.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” –Andrew Carnegie

Celebrating our engineers & supporting STEM

As National Engineers Week comes to a close, we proudly recognize all of the engineers on our team for their contribution to our organization.  In over 30 countries, our engineers work hard to reduce quality risks and cost for our clients.  It’s truly what we believe to be a key competitive advantage.

We also take the time to recognize the growing demand for engineers and those in all areas of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) fields.  It’s important that we support and grow the next generation of engineers.

Our favorite resources include:

Stem Education Coalition 

The Global Race for STEM Skills

STEM Workers: Data Sources

Celebrating our engineers…

Ralph J. Smith once noted that “engineering is the professional art of applying science to the optimum conversion of natural resources to the benefit of man.”

This week is National Engineers Week, and we wanted to take an opportunity to thank all of our engineers for their commitment and dedication to both Pro QC and the quality industry in general.  When asked what separates Pro QC from competitors, it’s often our skilled and knowledgable team (in addition to our personalized service) that receives mention.

Thank you! We <3 our engineers…

“A scientist discovers that which exists. An engineer creates that which never was. ” ~Theodore von Karman

For more information, check out the National Engineers Week Foundation website.

“The theme for 2012 is based on the projected world population of 7,000,000,000. There are many challenges facing our world that require immediate engineering solutions. The National Engineers Week Foundation delivers programs and resources used by partners locally, nationally and internationally to help the next generation of talent to meet and overcome these challenges.”