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Negotiating in the global marketplace

An article recently posted to Inc. discusses charts by Richard Lewis that “reveal how to negotiate with people from around the world.” As a third-party quality provider, this is a key value for us because we absolutely agree that cultural considerations are key in negotiation and general business activities and it can be a significant …

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Packing tips for travel efficiency…

As an international organization operating in over thirty countries, travel is not uncommon. We saw the video below and had to share these great tips. Regarding travel, we’ve also discussed avoiding jet lag and have highlighted areas all over the world in our Focus on Travel newsletter column.  Some of the areas we’ve written about …

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Can jet lag be avoided?

Attracting the attention of Pro QC’s Managing Director, Ed Sanchez, was an article relating to avoiding jet lag.  As a frequent flyer visiting our offices in over thirty countries, it is understandable why!  Also, many of our clients are well aware of jet lag too, frequently visiting factories or operations abroad. Jet lag (AKA desynchronosis) is described as “extreme …

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The China Trip Wrap-Up (Resources/References)

Since returning from the offices in Shanghai, Ningbo and Shenzhen, I’ve put together several resourceful articles.  Pending content includes the video series, which I will be working on over the coming weeks.  Existing content includes: Facebook: Staff photos (The Team) Sights (Around the World) Blog articles: How it all started… An interview with Pro QC’s …

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